Visual / Spatial arts

Zephyr Design Studio Limited

  • Designer(s)

    Zephyr Chum

  • Target Markets

    Banking & Finance, Education, Information Technology & Telecom, Interior Design & Construction, Public Sector, Retail Marketing & Services, Social Services

  • Design Experience

    1 N2N-AFE (Hong Kong) Limited | User Experience & User Interface Design
    2 New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association | Interactive App Design & Production
    3 Golden Diamond Truffle | Fullstack Brand Design with Digitals and Interrior
    4 Syzygy Limited | AR/VR Productions for Education
    5 | Fullstack Brand Revamp

  • Awards

    DFL Award 2022 - Silver (Category: Communication Design)

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  • Tel

    +852 9609 6525

Zephyr Design focuses interactive design and UXUI design, combined technology solutions for clients. We aim at providing a greater experience to end-user with cutting-edge technology integrations.

Our product covers from ux design with digital solutions to mixed reality solutions, ro even metaverse design. We keep expanding the boundary of end-user experience with innovative technologies. Aiming to help clients to raise their brand awareness or build up various digital products for the clients.