Fashion design


Fashion designers Jason Mui and On Ying Lai has created their Hong Kong based brand with their first brush stroke. Creating a collection to inspire their audiences interest to reconnect with Chinese tradition and culture.

After studying in the UK and returning to Hong Kong, both Mui and Lai has embraced their personal journey in rediscovering their roots and family history. Ancient dressing is an integral part of YAT PIT’s aesthetic and is about translating Chinese style into a contemporary context. The ideas of Chinese clothing are redefined and proposed in terms of new silhouettes, materials and their personal sense for style. Not complete elegance but always with a touch of humour and imperfections in their approach.

Their combined vision is to create a new expression with classic Chinese dressing, to build a new dialogue that can be understood for today. To bring Chinese dressing into our everyday wardrobes and connect ideas of traditions and cultures together.