Interior / Architectural design

Square Matter Limited

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    Jack Lee, Yan Choy

  • Client Profile

    China Assignments, Interior Design & Construction, Overseas Assignments, Property, Public Sector

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public

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    3613 0919/6336 9080

Square Matter Limited is a Hong Kong based multidisciplinary design studio specializing in commercial interiors, branding and experience.


We provide thoughtful and holistic design and build service that respond to each client's objectives and site specific needs.


We create from the biggest ideas to the smallest details:
Square Matter's creations are based on strong conceptual ideas. The concept of the space defines its character. Therefore, we dig deep into client's value, decoding their ideas, needs, and desires and translating and expressing them into reality. We focus on customizing every possible details of the design to ensure an original and unique space and experience for each individual clients.