Fashion design

Sunsen Fashion Company

  • Designer(s)

    Sun Lam, Stony Lam

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  • Target Markets

    Consumers, Female Market

  • Awards

    Prize of the 3rd International Ubiquitous Digital Fashion Design Contest THE KOREAN SOCIETY FOR CLOTHING INDUSTRY iD International Emerging Awards finalist iD Dunedin Fashion Week

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    9466 6756

SUN=SEN is more than an art, it is a brand telling stories. Aesthetic and fun design is the fundamental concept of the brand. SUN=SEN believes mood and stories defines the soul of the collection. SUN=SEN aims to bring out people’s inner craziness through our concepts and ideas, our use of different contrasting colours and textiles can be combined without conflicts. Our brand pays lots of attention to the fabric texture and details. Every design details are strived to create innovative yet long lasting designs, unusual but breakthrough products which stays in fashion. SUN=SEN has our own brand logo, which represents the contradiction of life. We believe contradiction create emotions. These emotions bring out unexpected prettiness of art. In long term, we want to create the new era of streetwear couture.