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    Education, Hotel Entertainment and Tourism, Manufacturing, Overseas Assignments, Public Sector, Retail Marketing & Services, Social Services

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    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public, Male Market

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    9880 2764

THREE POUND VOID is at the helm of thy void notionally with a fashion lifestyle brand which aimed to be sensed as a suave yet perky with a hint of industrial craftsmanship, casting a light on the art of balancing the established and the unknown in Hong Kong by working with historical local stores, creating elevated, long lasting essential streetwear. Each item is a stupefying philosophical question to thy consciousness in its own engrossing way.


THREE POUND VOID would like to cast upon what is really happening to lead to chaotic, unrestingly minds and situations in an impish way through tailored leisurewear and art pieces with the fascination of textures and prostration of conceptual ideas and insights. Closures like buttons, eyelets ,and zippers… are being shown in the garments, forming a degree of constrain and liberation relating to thy’s mind/void.


THREE POUND VOID also provides art directing, styling, designing, and customisation services for stage performances and commercial usage.