Fashion design


royksopp gakkai 蘑菇學會, was established in Hong Kong during 2014. Brand design concept is to show the stage of a teenage girl transforming into an adult. Based on European kids wear from 18th-19th century, with a soft touch of Minimalism and Weird-Cuteness, these create designs of royksopp gakkai.

Its founder, Chan Brun, believes fashion is just one of the medias to present art and idea, she is interested in using various ways to express her attitude towards aesthetics.
Thus, not only focusing on fashion design, she also work as stylist, art director and set designer.

She had worked with fujifilm, Shu Uemura, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Adidas, Nike, Chik Chak 903 and different parties. She also styled for ep covers and music videos, and work as art director of artists including Eason Chan, Jason Chan, Kenny Kwan, Panther Chan, Charmaine Fong, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Supper Moment.