Fashion design

Necro Studio

NECRO POON is a contemporary menswear designer brand established in 2015.

“I believe that fashion is a medium through which I can turn my dreams into reality,” explained Poon. His designs are inspired by the concepts of global political awareness and contradiction and derived from his belief in liberty, independent and equality. Through his designs, he hopes to reach out to people who share the same values, as well as influence those who do not.

The concepts of conflict and contradiction express themselves in the combination of various design elements, making them a metaphor for the different elements that coexist in society.

Extending the conceptual basis of his designs, Poon believes that clothing must be wearable and comfortable, that is the purpose of clothing first and foremost. As a result, he develops and utilizes technical and functional materials to incorporate into his garments. Poon hopes that all those who wear his designs will feel fashionable yet comfortable, moreover, be inspired by his sense of uniqueness.